Saturday, 19 January 2013

Raspberry Pi - home server.

So, I've now got a Raspberry Pi which is running from a usb attached hard drive, and it's running weather monitoring software, and a web server which will be 24x7, but generally just for personal use, what else can I do with this?  - Well, for probably the last decade I've been running a 'Buffalo Linkstation' NAS.  This was hacked to allow it to run 'Unison' backup software, 'squid' proxy, and 'Twonky' media server. - It has done this very well during this time, but it's running out of space, and IDE drives are obsolete and expensive.....  The RPI should be able to handle these tasks pretty well.

- Unison was simple. - 'sudo apt-get install unison2.27.57'
sudo unison -socket 1966 >/dev/null 2>&1 &

In due course I will put in an auto startup script so that it's always running, but currently it's duplicating my 100Gb of photo's and music from another PC. - This takes time the first time it's run, but subsequent sync is quick.

- Twonky is available for the Pi - see here  This details relatively simple install. - I need to wait for my media copy to complete before I can configure, but it runs, scans directories, and is visible to the media player devices on my network, so it all looks good - only downside is I might need to buy a new license since the one for Twonky 3.1 on the Buffalo which I bought many years ago is not valid on this install. - Again, I also need to add this for auto startup when I'm happy with the setup, but it looks good.

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